Design For Style [DFS] Show Press Release 4/02/2011

The Design For Style platform (DFS) was founded to showcase emerging designers from a variety of backgrounds with a vision to break into the fashion industry. The DFS monthly fashion shows are professionally produced, marketed and co-ordinated with minimal budget and is the result of the DFS team’s dedicated, passionate and innovative efforts. On Friday night, the 4th of February 2011, the DFS fashion show was held at the lovely Misael’s Art Gallery on 103 Bree Street, Cape Town. This show marked the first showcase for the year 2011. It was also a very exciting show as it showcased one up and coming young South African Designer from the ongoing DFS designer search, Zakirah Rabaney and two stylists, Gabrielle Kannemeyer and Aqeelah Harron. The guests started arriving from 7.30pm but doors were only opened at 8pm. At this point guests were left to mingle and network before being entertained with a straight fashion extravaganza. Stylishly sat in the front row was fashion blogger, Raya Rossi from the Visual journal, miss Anthea from the blog Embracing Style, Princess Coco from Coco the blog, Melissa Bender editor from 20summings website and many other bloggers and Cape Town’s fashionista’s. Zakirah, the designer for pro*ZAK, is currently a student of fashion at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and had her first line stocked at Blackbeard and Dare store in Cavendish. Zakirah describes her style as a simple play on colour, shapes and angles. Her line is bold and mostly structured with a few free flowing garments. Her range was rather feminine and a cheeky summer collection with lots of prints complimented by some solid colours on certain garments. There was a strong presence of short dresses, showing off the well toned legs of all the models. Suffice to say, the line is definitely not for the faint at heart! The TV and radio personality, Kia Johnson, rocked the runway in pro*ZAK with a lovely green dress accessorised with tribal prints and accessories to compliment! This was a great finale to the pro*ZAK line. Gabrielle and Aqeelah’s Thrift, is a collection of vintage chic items styled and sourced by these two fashionistas. Both these ladies understand and appreciate all forms of art, with Gabrielle being a fine art student and Aqeelah, a UCT humanities graduate. Thrift is two very stylish ladies, yet very distinct. Gabrielle has a very edgy look, whilst Aqeelah keeps with classic clear lines. These ladies have an appreciation for anything vintage and part of the reason is that they recognise that the garments and textiles are not made the same way today as it was then, and if it is, then its pricey. Thrift was thus established amongst other reasons, to give birth to old treasures and to revive craftsmanship and quality fabrics in fashion, delivering it in an affordable way that anyone may appreciate. Thrift’s DFS debut line featured a mesh of colour and great accessories- hats, bags, belts and scarves. The looks were reminiscent of the high fashion streets of the fashion capital of London. The attention to detail is impeccable, and as Aqeelah always says that the detail gives one insight into the maker’s love! This is why Thrift re-work and re-sells vintage better than most vintage stores! The garments are a reflection of them; very casual but high-fashion elements to make an otherwise boring outfit something amazing. Thrift is still an infant, with lots of potential to grow beyond measure. The Thrift ladies understand their market and are able to deliver. Thrift has been seen at the YOU, Me and Everyone you know Market at the Labia theatre every second Saturday. For more information you may become part of the pro*ZAK and Thrift conversation by joining the DFS Facebook Fanpage and by joining us on the 26 February 2011 for the DFS sale at Capellos After the show guests enjoyed a few drinks at the modern Misael bar and posed for our photographer. Photos can be seen here:

(some more pictures taken by the DFS photographer Michael Groenewald)

Thoko and I


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