Ethical Fashion

Last Wednesday  I was lucky enough to attend  a conference on Ethical Fashion at the CTICC , chaired my Dion Chang , whom you may know from his musings on the last page of Elle SA , or more recently from Flux Trends .

Ethical Fashion Definition : An approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which is both socially and environmentally conscious. Sustainable fashion – using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing production – is part of this larger trend.

In the past Ethical fashin and using organic material such as hemp , was thought to be reseved for ” tambereen weilding hippies” but from about 2008-2010 people’s values globally started to change .

An interesting quote that came up was

“Ethical fashion is a consciousness , it now needs to become a movement”

I think that this is a very fair point , but in regards to South Africa , do you think that ethical fashion will boom ?

I’m not so sure that it will , because to buy ethically means that the clothes will be more expensive , and I personally think that many South Africans (definitley not all ) have far more pressing concerns like putting food on the table for their families .

So as much as I would like ethical fashion to be a reality , I think for now it is only reserved for some .

If you live in Cape Town please go and support Township Patterns (they have some lovely shoes , that I was eying at the Design Indaba ) at the Cape Quater and also  Love SA .

Township Patterns


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