Today was a good day .

Andrea joined me for one of my infamous ” What chloe does when she’s sick of everything days ”

What we did in no particular order .

1. Went to gym and did nothing but Sauna and Drink Chai Lattes

2. Spent hours on the internet

3. Slept

4. Went to Loading bay for breakfast/lunch

5. Had another Chai Latte .

6. Got Distracted by a gelato shop on the way to Longstreet .

7. Had lemon sorbet .

8. Had a Chai Latte .

9. Rested .

10. Went into David West .

11. Yours Truly for plum juice .

12. Andrea got another Chai Latte .

13. Went home .

14. Propped up in bed with my best friend (my laptop)

Everybody has to have a day like this every now and again .

Go to Loading bay , the food is yum . So is the coffee .

Have a lovely Wednesday pretties , it’s almost weekend .

Much love




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