Fashion Weekend

Hello Pretties ,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend  .

It’s Model Monday tomorrow and I don’t know who to choose .

My weekend has been amazing filled with fashion shows , good food , champagne and good friends .

On Friday I attended the Luxe Life red carpet fashion at the beautiful 15 on Orange hotel , there were three designers showcasing their winter collections, Stefania Morland , Jagadi and Philosophy . After that I headed to Cubana and then Casa Blanca for a friends birthday party , I didn’t stay out late  in fact I left before midnight , I cant do these late nights anymore  .

On Saturday I attended the urban art and fashion show with Andrea at the Dream Factory , a beautiful photographic studio on Orphan St . The urban art and  fashion show aimed to promote local talent , such as LoveWaterLove , Truly Me by Danielle Roberts , S e l f i  ,  T.I.T.S  (Two in the shirt )  , and rocket boi , the two shows that I really loved were S e l f i and Truly Me by Danielle Roberts  .

Today I should probably study or something , but I got the sweetest message from my cousin , so nothing will stop me from being in a good mood today .

Enjoy your week pretties ,

Much love




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