Danielle Margaux

I interviewed the lovely and inspiring Danielle Margaux here is what she had to say …

Me: Have you always been interested in fashion ?

Danielle: My mum taught me how to sew when i was four or five, however while i was at school I wanted so much to be a doctor. I really got interested in fashion during my time in London though.

Me: What inspired this collection ?

Danielle: Everything is vey feminine, I want woman to feel feminine when they wear my clothes, this collection was inspired by a bygone era

Me: When did you set up Danielle Margaux as a brand ?

I worked for Kluk CGDT for four years and started the Danielle Margaux brand in December 2009

Me: Where can we find your clothes ?

Danielle: My clothes can be brought via direct order, they are also stocked in Purr on Kloof street and Nina J couture in Stelenbosch.

Me: What advice would you give to young designers wanting to break into the industry ?

Danielle: Just keep on trying, make it happen, contact people, don’t ever give up , go and work for for someone, work at new designs, new ideas, Give it your best.

Follow her on twitter and look at her website here.


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