The world is a book

Sorry for the lack of posts, but i’m very proud to say I have actually been studying (hard) and only taking the occasional break to have a little stroll around town, or take myself down to the airport. I found myself sitting up at the viewing deck at Cape Town International Airport again yesterday (for the second time this week) I don’t know why I like watching planes so much I just find it so amazing that such a huge thing can get of the ground and in 5-10 hours land in a completely different continent, I don’t even like flying in fact it terrifies me.

Tonight I am going to The Fez for my last bit of debauchery before things get serious, I write mocks in two weeks and after that finals and after thatLondon. I have counted and I have 97 days to go, until I am finished with school forever.

Have the best weekend.



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