Summer in the City

A month later and I am done with exams. As far as im concerned this is not a study break this is a holiday (atleast until october)

So I obviously had one of my over indulgent weekends.I started  Friday morning off with 2 orange juices and mozzarella on toast from the Loading Bay, then rushed off… no I lie – made my way slowly to my biokonetics appointment. Then lazed about at the Cullinan hotel for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the fact that the sun had come out to play, on Saturday Andrea and made our weekly trip to the Old biscuit Mill and the headed of to the between10and5 party. The music was lovely and so was the weather, a day well spent i’d say. On Sunday Gaby and I created a new blog, but more on that later.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have decided to trade the bright city lights of New York for London, and the apartment hunt is proving to be much harder than I thought. I have picked out the 5 areas/neighborhoods (Notting Hill, Shoreditch, Knightsbridge, Earls Court and Docklands ) I would like to live in, any more suggestions ?

Have the best week lovelies xx


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