The day I fell in love with yellow.

For those of you who attended  Cape Town Fashion Week earlier this year I’m sure you will remember the amazing designs of Danielle Vermaas. And for those of you that don’t remember or if you didn’t attend Cape Town fashion week, then head over to SDR photo to see what an amazing collection you missed out on.

Anyway Danielle Vermaas is starting a second range with a business partner of hers. The new range will be an African inspired label, with lots of African elements, but the styles will still be very fashionable and desirable. The quality of the garments will be top notch as usual.As if that isn’t enough to get you excited about wearing local they are also going to work with charities and initiative groups to create jobs and to develop skills and uplift communities. They will donate 5% of all proceeds to those charities and initiative groups so that the project can continue and so that the African Fashion industry can show the world that we can manufacture beautiful garments. Danielle has already been in contact with American, Australian and British companies who are very interested in the label and their goal is to produce this product for export. They will be launching early next year and I am quite frankly bubbling over with excitement to see exactly what the new collection is going to look like.


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