This is london

I can’t believe I’ve been in London for a week already it all still feels like such a dream. I have spent the past week with my lovely Gaby and we have been mostly shopping but also got around to a few cultural things today and yesterday and the day before that.

Here is a little Diary/ Photo Diary of my trip so far.

Thursday 29

Arrived in London at around 14:00 and was on Oxford Street by about 17:00. After a little bit of shopping Gaby and I headed to this lovely little restaurant called Manna in Primrose Hill for some dinner, we ate so much we struggled to walk back to the tube.

Friday 30

Just shopped all day.

Saturday 31

More shopping and then a NYE dinner at a Vegan/Raw food place called Vantra. I may or may not have been in bed before 23:30

Sunday 01

I braved the crowds at Harrods and couldn’t help leaving with a bag full of Macaroons from Ladurée.

Monday 02 January
I can’t seem to remember what was done on this day but i’m sure it was more shopping.

Tuesday 03 January

I have always been a big fan of Dazed&Confused and am so happy I made it to London in time to see their 20 years of Dazed&Confused exhibition at Somerset House. I think I may have also gone to Ladurée again for box 2 of Macaroons.

Wednesday 04

Took 3 wrong busses and two different cabs but finally found myself in East London. Had a quick walk down brick Lane and then headed to Broadway market for lunch with Yvan. Gaby and I also got to see a little bit of Comedy at a cupcake shop near Kings Cross that we like to frequent.

Thursday 05

Went with Gaby to get her tattoo, but i’m to jealous to talk about that right now. (It is beautiful though) We then went to Wagamama for dinner and ended the night off with some comedy in Soho.

Friday 06

Today we spent a bit of time in Covent Gardens where there was of course another Ladurée and I was just itching to buy a box of like 80 macaroons or something stupid like that but it’s almost fashion week so there is absolutely no time for that sort of fooling about. After Covent Garden we went to the Natural History Museum to see what must have been the best Wildlife photography exhibition I have seen in my life, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing the photos were.


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