Dash Magazine Launch

DASH Magazine is a new bi-annual title that combines cutting-edge fashion editorial with traditional fashion illustration, bridging the gap between the hand rendered and digital.

Collaborating with both, established illustrators and emerging talent across Europe, the US and Asia, the magazine allows its illustrators to breathe: they no longer inhabit the corners of horoscopes and shopping pages, but demonstrate and discuss their craft, and why fashion is such a brilliant subject to draw upon.

But we’re not just an illustrated picture book. Our editorial perspective encompasses both high and low brow, current affairs, and has a slightly satirical world-view – this isn’t just a coffee table trophy, but a good read too.

With an initial print run of 10’000 copies, DASH will be available for £6 from selected newsagents and booksellers. We are also keen to provide copies to industry tastemakers – especially those who commission illustration, because we feel this is an art form worth preserving in a digital age.

If you know me then you will know these two things. I love magazines and had over 300 piled up in my dining room earlier this year but after a lot of sulking and a a bit of help from a friend I managed to downsize to just over 100, so now I just have my favorites – Vogue, Rush, Oyster Mag, Dazed and Confused, Vice, LOVE,ElLE, i-D, Numero and a few others. If you know me  then you will also know that I LOVE going out. I haven’t been out since I left Cape Town so you can imagine how excited I am to be in a room with lots of people and  magazines all over the place.

For more information about the magazine go here


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