Post-Fashion week depression

I hate the feeling the day after fashion week has ended. After the mad rushing and all the inspiration, lights and colours, going back to your everyday routine is somewhat depressing. I had the most exciting,  but at the same time, most taxing week – ever.

I had shows all over the place, which I knew from the start was going to be a bad idea …I’m not even going to pretend that I got to all of them. After about six hours of rushing around in heels, spending the afternoon watching live-streams in bed with a triple shot Venti Latte from Starbucks sounded like a better option.

My top three shows this week were definitely Bora Aksu, Georgia Hardinge and InbarSpector. It was also great spending time at the Freemasons Hall. This gave me the chanceto discover some emerging British talent, instead of just watching all the established designers.

So I suppose thats, that… Fashion week is over and now I can go and sulk in bed for the rest of the week. Bring on S/S13

Ps. COMING SOON: A fashion week highlights video.


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