Highs and Lows


1. On Tuesday evening I saw my first West End musical (Matilda)

2. I have really been enjoying taking snaps of the Fabergé  egg all around London. Apparently there are 200 eggs and I have only found about 50 :(

3. The W is becoming my new favorite hang-out

4. Saw some funny comedy in Soho

5. Didn’t buy any clothes this week. Okay I did but only one thing and it was completely essential. I finally got my hands on a Mary Katrantzou for Topshop t-shirt.


1. I didn’t buy any clothes because I have just been eating myself to complete artery shut-down

2. The awkward moment when you see somebody you know and have raspberries stuck on all your fingers.

3. Turn out comedians like to pick on New Zealanders.

4. I don’t have enough space for all my clothes in my cupboard anymore so now have to hang some on the indoor washing line. (1st world problems)

5. Long days = no afternoon naps. Therefore that leads to a grumpy Chloe.

6. Isabel and I have developed a very unhealthy frozen yoghurt addiction.


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