Highs and Lows


1. Sitting in the middle of the lake at Hyde Park in a little paddle boat listening to “Drive Darling” by BOY on repeat.


3. Finished a book

4. More birthday presents

5. Lunch with Lilja and Katrín


1. Less than a month left in London

2. I got sick again.

3. Walked into a mirror at Topshop. Not once but twice. (The amount of shame I have to live with is actually unbelievable)

4. My legs/hips/everything is in complete agony from paddling about on the Hyde Park lake. Clearly turning into a Granny.

5. Super stressed because there is no ways I am fitting even half of my clothes into my suitcase.

6. I never get excited for Summer but the buildup to a Europe Summer is just so exciting.. so sad to be missing it.


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