Highs and Lows


1. Yesterday I spent a lovely evening strolling around Greenwich with Isabel.

2. Finally found the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume I have looked everywhere in Cape Town for

3. COS is on sale

4. Sun only set after seven last night… Felt like a real summers evening

5. Coconut Ice-Cream in Greenwich Park


1. Isabel is leaving to Scotland on Monday.

2. Had another keys in the toaster incident.

3. I didn’t realise I had given the cashier at Waitrose a 50 dirham note instead of £10.00. Instead of saying anything she just stared at me and I just stared back at her. When I eventually realised what I had done it got awkward.

4. Saw a homless person being taken away from his dog.

5. I think I may have to leave some clothes behind in London.

6. Stayed up till 06:00 on Sunday morning and woke up at 08:00 – this has ruined my sleeping schedule for the whole week.


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