Stressed, Depressed, but well Dressed 

So, I’m back in Cape Town… Still not too sure how I feel about this yet. I’ve only had 10 hours of sleep in 72 hours, so my mind is really fuzzy at the moment. I started my day off at the Loading Bay (my favorite comfort food hangout) in Cape Town and then headed down to the South African Revenue Services to get a tax number so I can like, you know… GET A JOB. I was surprised at how efficient everything was at SARS, I was in and out of there in no more than 15 minutes. How great would it be if things were like that at Home Affairs?!

The rest of the afternoon was spent strollimg around on Longstreet (Which looks even less  impressive now), having coffee here, juice there and glasses of water in between to keep me hydrated. Now i’m all tucked into my Mum’s bed because my room is a no go zone for a couple of weeks. I plan to hibernate here/the guest room for a week or two or however long it takes me to get over not being in London anymore.. Nothing in Cape Town will ever amount to Shoreditch, ever.

Also my cat still hates me, so that’s pretty upsetting. It was sugested at lunch today that I try and win him over with treats and if the treats don’t work , I should try go all horse whisperer on him. To tired/lazy to try this right now but will keep you updated.

Bisous Babes x


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