Highs and Lows


1. Still feeling like such a domestic goddess, yesterday hand washed all my clothes and even managed the silk.

2. Lots of new likes on my Facebook page – Thanks you lovelies.

3. Unplanned walk down the Sea-Point promenade

4. Spent most of my week in bed watching Made in Chelsea

5. Ordered some new Top-shop heels – 5.5 inches. I’m already just under six feet tall so these will put me just over 6.5.


1. Yesterday I went to the Loading bay in a old school jumper, a velvet bodysuit and grey track pants with pink writing down the side. Don’t ask, I won’t explain.

2. Lost my bank card/ it got swallowed at the ATM. Unclear…

3. Cat still hates me

4. I miss going to comedy in Soho and then going out afterwards.

5. Topshop wedges are broken. (again)


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