First world problems

I have way too many first world problems for someone living in a third world country. Yesterday my iPhone decided to do a handy little master reset deleting every single picture/contacts/note/ message… everything. This would have been fine if my iPhone had been doing it’s job and automatically backing up to iCloud or whatever but because it’s my phone and things just never go as planned for me the last back up date was the day I got my phone, obviously. I’m not so worried about the music or notes or any of that because it can all be replaced but more upset that I no longer have sneaky shots from Le Baron and all our “Your Mum’s House” party antics” anymore.

I am however very excited about the rest of the week as I will be doing day courses at the Cape Town fashion council, on Tuesday I will be doing a styling workshop with Robyn Cooke from Style Guide CT and then on Thursday and Friday a fashion videography workshop. I don’t think I’ve been this busy since London Fashion week but looking forward to be doing something interesting again, as much as I love my new quilt and my double bed it is definitely time to get out of the house and start living some sort of life again.


2 responses

  1. Eek! Must – back – up phone… Blackberries do tend to be more effie than iPhones, don’t they? I hope you are having a rocking time with all them workshops and things.

    Love from Jo’burg

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