Highs and Lows


1. I attended a super informitive workshop on the introduction to fashion styling hosted by Robyn Cooke of StyleGuideCT

2. Was at gym before 08:00 on Tuesday, this has never happened. Ever! (Was probably the first and last time)

3. Lovely shoot with The Summit

4. This week has been so full of creative energy that I have had absolutely no time to mope around in bed.

5.  It’s getting colder!


1. After my gym session, I was still feeling super-pumped so decided to do what I thought was going to be a Pilates class. Well of course it wasn’t Pilates. It was some sort of creative dance class filled with  middle-aged women from the Southern Suburbs. There was WAY too much heavy breathing, panting and crawling around like a cat. Left feeling super-awkward.

 2. Camera broke, obviously.

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