Highs and Lows


1. Looking forward to the Elizabeth Galloway Graduate Show next week.

2. Topshop is popping up in Cape Town next month.

3. It was fantastic to see some comedy again last night.

4. Attended a very interesting lecture on Bio-Ethics by Professor David Benatar at Valkenburg Mental hospital on Tuesday. He makes me want to ditch the whole fashion thing and just study Ethics.

5. Bondi Hipsters 


1. All the Resort wear this season is making me want to burn everything in my cupboard and just start a clean slate or something.

2. Two events in London this week that I couldn’t attend. The Steve Madden Press day and The Underground store* launch.

3. Lay on my back for a good part of this afternoon singing “Off To The Races” by Lana Del Ray to myself /my dog.

*I have decided to stop hating and just buy myself a pair of creepers already.


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