Highs and Lows


1. Caitlin is back from Milan/Dubai

2. Walked around Cavndish with a big green helium balloon. (Reminds me of a party at the Queen of Hoxton with Alex earlier this year where we spent the whole night with helium balloons attached to our buns)

3. Gaby, Sheryl and I are throwing a “Chav” party soon. Gives me the perfect excuse to buy a pair of NIKE Airs and some Juicy Couture right?

4. Off to Grhamstown soon.

5. Attended the Sharp Sharp (A new book on South African book on Streetsyle by Ed Suter) the other day. The exhibition is still on for a while longer – go and check it out at the Freeworld Design Center !


1. Left all my washing till the last minute… Now frantically trying to dry five things at the same time with one very small hair-dryer.


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