Highs and Lows


1. 28 days until London, popping with excitement.

2. Got the chance to witness Stefania Morland’s  greatness at MBCTFW on Saturday night.

3. I wore some colour on my lips all night on Saturday and didn’t even try and rush to the bathroom and get it all off. Slow and steady wins the race.

4. I always think those sleeping masks look so stupid but have been wearing the one that was in the Habits goody bag at Fashion Week and have been having some of the best sleeps ever.

5. Was great to be back at the Reserve on Thursday with two of my favorite people. *


1. The nouveau-riche set is bad enough but the faux-nouveau-riche set is definitely worse. Some people in Cape Town need to learn about the word “class”.

2. Reserve was great until Mother called the club trying to figure out where I was. Cringe Cringe Cringe!

3. Sat next to a woman who literally rocked herself to sleep on my shoulder at one of the shows last week.



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