Slave for fashion

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed as I do, and I came across this picture taken by Livincool (one of my favourite photographers) just before the Prada SS2013 show earlier.

It makes my heart sore to see some of the people who worked the hardest and most probably the longest hours sitting up in the studio watching the impeccably dressed fashion set stream into the show space.

Seeing pictures like this also make me wonder why I am still so fascinated and in love with an industry that feeds off the knowledge that there will always be someone willing to work for less or nothing all in the name of the so called “exposure” they will gain.


2 responses

    • I think maybe it’s the sense of achievement and purpose when they see their hard work come to life twice a year. And even if others don’t recognize all their hard work they know deep down who really put in all the hours.

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