Toto we’re not in Cape Town anymore

I’m back in London (home) again for the third time this year and have traded The Kings road  and everything else that goes along with SW living for the lovely West Hamsptead where I will be living with my Icelandic cuties from Unicornsforbreakfast for the next while.


I spent the first day or two adjusting to…. No just being lazy and downloading the whole internet. On Saturday however Isabel and I did venture into Central for a bit of a dance at Chinawhite. I am forever humiliating myself in clubs by making up my own little jigs.  Sunday was spent strolling aimlessly around Bricklane eating basically everything we could lay our greedy little paws on.




I think I broke the washing machine this morning but am sincerely hoping that by the time I get home the cleaning fairies will have washed, dried and folded my clothes neatly away for me but i’m just feeling a bit anxious because I now have to deal with this day with out my luck bra.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who has kept supporting me even though I was on the longest hiatus ever. I’m back now, I promise. Happy Christmas to everyone celebrating and a very happy new year to all of yah.




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