You keep me inspired

This Past weekend I saw two exhibitions at Somerset House that I have been itching to see for ages now. The first exhibition I saw was the Tim Walker exhibition. He creates a magical world in ever single picture by playing with scale and composition and his amazing use of larger than life props. The exhibition is open until the 27th of January so if you have a chance and you are in London this week you should definitely check it out.


“Very often there’s a kind of nostalgia built into a photograph by virtue of you taking it. You’ve taken the photograph and it’s immediately a thing of the past the moment you press the shutter.”

11 Liu Wen & Xiao Wen by Tim Walker for W Magazine, March 2012

The second exhibition I saw was the much talked about Valentino exhibition and it is without any exaggeration the most spectacular exhibition I have ever seen. Thee craftsmanship of each piece was immaculate and I especially enjoyed seeing all of his sketches, magazine covers and show invitations. My favorite design was of course  Marie Chantal’s wedding gown, which took twenty-five of Valentino’s seamstresses to make, featuring 12 kinds of lace and a four and a half metre train.



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